Monday, May 14, 2012

Crochet a Mini Bear

After my first amigurumi attempt a few weeks back I was feeling pretty confident to try a more difficult piece....I knew it would be kinda hard but I had no clue just how hard it would be! lol

Most of my crochet work has been clothes, blankets, headbands, flowers and that sort of thing.  Some joining and sewing together was involved but nothing to the degree of creating a 3D piece.

As I was picking a piece I thought, start small because it will work up faster and probably be easier.  Boy was I wrong! lol Mind you, to some people these smaller toys might be a breeze, for me I def. struggled and learned a lot about patience along the way. ;)

Tiny Amigurumi Bear Pattern Found here. 
If I could have a do over I would def. fix the way the nose came out.  When I first sewed it onto the muzzle piece it looked find, cute even.  But when I went to sew it on the face it pulled a bit as I was sewing it down and I think that stretched it a tad to where it now looks a little wonky.  The other thing I would fix is not to squeeze down on her little belly too much when attaching the pieces because it created a slight little dent in her.  

I was able to finish this project up in a day, it truly works up was just the sewing the pieces together that threw me for a bit of a loop. 

To show just how small Veronica {my daughter named her new little friend before she as even finished!} is I  took this photo of her in my almost nine year old's hands. She is so tinny!! 

My daughter loved her, imperfections and all.  She kept saying how cute she was as I was working on her and sat with me while I worked her up, constantly telling me how excited she was about her new little buddy.  It was really quite sweet. :)  Even though I would change a few things about how she came out I still think for my first ever multi piece amigurumi she came out pretty good if I do say so myself. :) 

Two weeks ago there was tryouts at my daughter's ballet studio.  They have these groups you can try out for ...teams for lack of a better word.  They do more performing than the basic classes do, have special choreography classes, special performances, and they go to a competition in the spring.  She was on the team this year and really wanted to do it again for this coming dance season. I got the email late at night that she has been accepted and decorated her little Veronica to tell her the news in the morning.  She got up that morning and little Veronica was sitting next to her plate waiting to share the news. :)  Needless to say there was a lot of squealing and jumping up and down that morning. 

Tomorrow I am hoping to share a mini tutorial as to how I did the floating balloons for this little display.  
Today we are going to try and get some schooling done....try being the main word there.  Little miss and I have horrible allergies right now and can barely talk so today will def. be a quiet day.

Floating Balloons Mini Tutorial can be found here. 

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! :)

As I re read this post to double check for spelling mistakes and such I couldn't help but thing just how cute these would be as stocking stuffers for the holidays or even party favors for a birthday. The work up really fast and to someone who is more experience in amigurumi they are probably a breeze :)

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