Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kid Made Project/Tutorial: Headbands for you and your AG Doll

I love how every night I am working on some kind of craft project.....and my daughter is sitting there right next to me working on a craft as well. The older she gets the more creative she becomes and it brings such a huge smile to my face. :)

I thought it would be fun to post one of her latest projects and then let her write the tutorial for it all by herself too. Take it away Victoria!

Today we are making matching headbands for you and your doll!!

Here is what you need:
Your doll, fabric, thick yarn, and scissors.

Take the yarn and measure the yarn around your doll's head.  Cut the yarn leaving long tails on both sides so you can tie it in a bow when putting it on your doll. 

Put your yarn aside. 

Cut out three strips all the same size out of the fabric you like best. 

Find the middle of the yarn piece that you measured around your doll's head.

About two inches from the middle is where you want to tie your first tie.  It does not matter which way you go when moving two inches from the middle. 

Tie your other two ties right next to your first one. 

Tie your yarn on top of your ties to help keep them in place so that they don't move around. 

Kit in her new headband, she looks super cute!!!!!

Make another one for you following the same steps and now you can match with your favorite doll! :)

I love how cute my daughter's project and tutorial came out! It went along great with an assignment in her writing book about making a project and giving instructions on how to complete it. I am going to print out the photos and have her mount them on construction paper, writing the instructions for each on on the back. I think she will probably go into more detail on those instructions since it will be written and not typed.  She is not too keen on typing. ;)

I am still working away on many birthday presents for my little one...thankfully her birthday is at the end of the month.....that gives me time to get most of the stuff done. {fingers crossed!!}

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  1. Such a great idea to let Victoria write her own tutorial! Tell her thanks for sharing!

    1. She says " Thank you!!! " :) She had so much fun and def. wants to do this again. :)


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