Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crochet Pattern: Newborn Baby Tiara

I was asked last week to rework my Little Girl Crochet Tiara Pattern into a newborn size.  Now when I am working up sizes I usually like to try them on the person or thing it is going to be for to insure a perfect fit.  For this pattern I was out of luck in that department since I don't have a newborn baby in the house.  

This is the Little Girl/American Girl Doll Version. 
American Girl Doll Version here. 

{Pattern after the photos)
When I went to make the newborn version I knew it would end up being a play prop for my daughter when she was playing with her dolls and dressing them up.  I went ahead and let her pick out the colors and tell me how she wanted it since it would be for her.  

She picked out two yarns, a purple and a yellow that look really cute together.  I upped the hook size as well because she said that she wanted a "super big sized" crown for her baby doll. :) 

My daughter loves the goofy look on her baby's face.  She got this doll back when she was about two and its held up pretty well, she takes really good care of her dolls and toys. :) 

It even fits her cabbage patch kid...I used to love those dolls myself growing up.  We got her this one back when she was really little.  I went looking and looking for a doll that looked like her since there are so many versions of the cabbage patch dolls.  This was the closest I could get at the time.  My daughter says it looks more like me than her since my hair is black so she calls this one baby bella :) 

Victoria wants to go ahead and sew the beads to this crown herself.  She is hoping to get that done this weekend.  :)

American Girl Crochet Tiara Pattern
US Crochet Terms

What you need:

6.50 hook 

Worsted yarn {I like a soft but not too soft yarn}
You will need to balls because you will be crocheting with two strands at the same time. 

Yarn needle for weaving ends

Beads or other embellishments 

Needle and thread for sewing on beads and embellishments. 

Ch 29

Row 1
sc in the second chain from the hook and sc across till the end

Row 2
ch 2
skip 2 stitches
work 1 dc in the next, cross in front of the dc you just made and work a dc in the 2nd skipped stitch of this row
* skip 1, work 1 dc in the next, cross over that dc and make a dc in the skipped stitch *
Repeat that pattern until you have 2 stitches left. 
skip 1 and then dc in the last 

Row 3
ch 1
1 sc in the 1st space created from the previous row's crossed dc stitches {this will be in between your last dc of the row and the last crossed dc pair of the row
work 1 dc, 4 tr, 1 dc in the next space
* work 1 sc in the next space & 1 dc, 4 tr, 1 dc in the next space *
Repeat this pattern across ending with a sc in the last space. 

Secure your yarn, weave in your ends and embellish to your hearts content! 

My daughter worked up the ties by chaining, you can see how she did that from our previous post on these crowns here. 

If you make one of these and find that its too big or two small please let me know so I can make adjustments.  Like I said earlier, I don't have a newborn baby to try this on to so I am working on my sizes based on my daughter's baby dolls. 


  1. Very cool pattern. Your dd's curls are too cute!


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