Monday, April 9, 2012

Crochet a hat for Mother's Day

Now that Easter is over I am in full holiday mode for the rest of spring/summer/fall to get gifts ready for all the various holidays that are coming up.  Just in April and May alone I have three birthdays and Mother's Day stuff to work on.  Little Miss has already put in quite a few requests for crocheted or handmade gifts for her big day.  I love that handmade things are on the top of her wishlist...right next to a big trampoline lol :)

To kick off the Mother's Day holiday Season I am going to post links to two of my favorite hat patterns I have made the past two months. They work up super quick and easy and are great simple handmade from the heart gifts. :)

Both of these hats are made from the same pattern that can be found here.
This pattern would be fabulous for a spring/fall hat because its not too thick and is done in an openwork pattern. 

The green hat follows the pattern exactly.  It fits pretty snug and works great for those windy days where you want your hair and your hat to stay in place as best as it can. :)

For the red hat I went up to a 6.00 hook and followed the pattern with the larger hook.  I made this one out of Naturally Caron Country, which is a wool blend.  Love this yarn and the Spa blend! This hat is bigger and great for when I want to pin some of my hair back and still wear a hat without getting awkward looking bumps from my hair do under my hat. Photo done by my daughter, she things taking photos with my "fancy camera" as she calls it is "so very cool!" :)

For Mother's Day, you could work up matching hats for a special mother in your life and her adorable daughter. :)
Tip: To fake a photo that looks like you are holding your child on your hip like when they are younger put  something sturdy right up next to you.  It needs to be as high as your hip {which could be hard if you are tall....I am super short so finding something was not very hard lol} You want them to be taller than you when they are standing.  Have your child stand on it and then put their arms around you like if they were on your hip, they will have to bend down a bit, which gives the illusion that you are holding them on your hip.  Kudos to my awesome husband for figuring this out. :)

I love this photo of her wearing my hat, she looks adorable! 

The kids version of this hat can be found here.

For the adult version I used a thinner yarn {Naturally Caron Spa Blend} and crocheted it with a 6.00 hook holding two strands together at the same time.  I made my butterfly a little bigger to better work with the hat being a little larger. I also added in some extra rows before I started my butterfly.  I kinda just winged it and tried it on as I went along.  I will have to write up the pattern next time I make one. :)  

I have around 6 projects going on right now for gifts for the next two months, I like to have more than one going so I never get bored.  Some of those projects include hats like these, a scarf, an owl, a bunny, and some other goodies.  I have been having a great time working with Victoria on some special projects the past few days for her friend's birthday that is coming up soon.  She is over the moon excited about actually making the gifts for her friend and being a part of  the whole process from picking out the yarn, to picking the pattern, to making it.  I can't wait to share it when she is done, its so cute! 

This post is going into my Spring into the Holidays Page where you will find ideas for the holiday season that is coming up this fall.  I like to start early so I can fully enjoy the season and be finished with most if not all of my gifts.  That way I can do a little bit here and there and fully enjoy the holiday with no stress over getting things done. 


  1. I love the purple hat on your daughter too. She is truly adorable.

  2. Oh my all the hats are great and that little girl of yours is precious!

    Here is my most recent project:

  3. Lovely!!! I love finding other crocheters! I am a crochet fanatic too! This is my page :) found you through Frontier Dreams-lucky me :)

    1. Thanks, me too! I will def check out your page, love reading about other people's crochet experiences and getting inspired by their awesomeness. :)

  4. Your daughter is absolutely adorable...I loved reading about your quiet time together when you crochet. Reminds me of my time with my 7 year old granddaugher-although she doesn't crochet yet, but I babysit her quite often on weekends and they don't have television so the two of us play all the time and often snuggle together while I crochet (usually something for her or her 8 year old cousin) and she chats and chats away telling me about anything and everything that crosses her mind. These are the times to cherish the most. Believe me when I tell you - it goes by soooo fast!

    1. Thank you!!So happy to hear that you are enjoying my posts. Those precious moments together are so priceless and the bonds you get and develop through them are amazing. We don't watch much TV in our home. After schooling each day we spend a lot of time at dance for her but when we are home its a craft party! :) I hope that as your grandchildren get older you can share your love of crocheting with them, its such a fun craft to share and have chats over. :)


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