Thursday, April 5, 2012

Learning about Teeth!

Learning about teeth was our last unit with the Human Body this year and I saved that one for last because I knew Victoria would love it.  She loves learning about the human body in general but teeth have been really interesting to her since her's are starting to get loose and fall out now.  

We watched some videos and did some projects and worksheets off of brainpop and brainpop jr.  She loved making the Day in the Life of a Tooth comic and was laughing and learning while she watched the short mini videos. She also did some other projects and read books she got at the library as well. 

Next I found another site while I was surfing the web for some more printables and coloring sheets for the teeth unit and stumbled upon Science With Me .  I have looked through a few of the mini units and found quite a good number of them that I know Victoria will love doing.  She loves hands on science with a some reading and lots of color thrown in.  I find that colorful things really spark her interest as well as hands on learning.  She also loves watching science videos too, I think that goes hand in hand with loving to see things she is learning in full color and action. 

I found a teeth unit on Science With Me and thought that it would be perfect wrap up and I loved the two simple diagrams that they had on there as well. 

I printed out the model that they had on your teeth where it named the teeth so that she could look at it and learn what each of her teeth are called.  I then thought, why not take this a step further and use it to document her own teeth's growth?  

She colored in each tooth that she has lost so far and then wrote how old she was when she lost it next to the info on that tooth.  Now she will have this simple running chart to watch her teeth's progress.  

Its always so fun when you can take a lesson and put it not only into perspective for your child but also take it one step further so its on a personal level that they can relate to as well.  

I'm finishing typing up final drafts of some patterns tonight and then I have to weave in the ends of Victoria's Easter shirt, I love how it came out, simple yet beautiful. :)

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