Friday, April 13, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Idea: E Reader Cases

Looking for a super cute handmade gift for Mother's Day? I know a lot of people like to make their gifts or gift handmade items so I thought I would share one of my favorite etsy purchases from this year so far.

For Christmas my daughter and I both got Kindles, which will do our home a lot of good since her and I are huge readers and every room seems to have books stored in some way or another. ;)  I looked on Amazon at all the covers there and also at a few stores near our house but we could not find anything that we really liked.  I really wanted to get my daughter a cover asap because I was worried something would happen to hers since she takes it everywhere with her...hence the chain store shopping.  But after the huge let down in selection I decided to go on etsy since I had already found some on there that I liked for me.

I got these two for us at Janine King Designs , mine is the adorable retro inspired floral print and my daughter picked out the fun whimsical floral bird one for herself.  I love these cases so much and am so happy with our order. They zip closed so there is no need to worry if they will fall out, the padding in the cases is great too.  My daughter can put her case in her purse or dance bag and I don't need to worry about it getting broken or falling out.  I have to say, with an 8 year old using it daily it still looks almost brand new which is fabulous imo.

I would have expected to pay more than I did for a handmade custom order but I was surprised at how comparable the prices were for handmade to factory mass made items.  For us, this purchase was a win all around, we are supporting handmade items, at a great price, they look fabulous, are functional, and do everything we need them to.  

My day today is schooling ,crochet, and cleaning...hoping to get all the boring chores out of the way today so I can enjoy the weekend {hopefully with some sun!} with the family and work on some more crochet projects.  Today's crochet is taken up by hats and tiaras :)

PS: I didn't get paid for this review, just wanted  to share a great gift idea and my love for a product that we purchased. :)

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  1. waou !!! your cases are fabulous, I love Sierra's one with the beautiful bird. thanks for the link!


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