Friday, July 6, 2012

Doll Pin Ballerina Tutorial

Now that summer is in full swing Little Miss and I can fully get our craft on most days and I love it.  Its so fun watching her work and you can almost see the wheels in her head spinning and the creative juices flowing as things come to life.  Usually I start a project with her and then end up sitting back and watching her taking lots of photos because its just so darn cute to watch. :)

This week we used some doll pins and things we hand on hand in the house and created some doll pin ballerinas. 

This was the only photo I snapped with my cannon...I wanted to be really present when we were working on these...chatting and having a good time so I just used my camera on my phone so that the photos were quick and easy.  I tend to want to fiddle with my settings all the time on my cannon which is great for getting nice shots but it takes time and effort.  With the camera on my phone you just shoot and save, which is perfect when you want to get back to crafting asap. :)

What you need for this little project:

Paint, doll pins, paint brushes, pencil for drawing out your designs, embellishments. 

Paint on your doll's leo.  Drawing it out first is a huge help for getting the curved lines just right. 

Add some hair. 

I actually wanted to keep the two I painted like this...I prefer more simple stuff. I was going to paint on their little tutu skirts but Little Miss wanted to go all out with these and I am glad I went with her idea because they came out really cute. 

Our dolls we painted before they got their finishing touches. 

Love how they turned out!  She even made a little tiara for one of her dolls.  :)  

To make the tutus we used petals from fake flowers layered on and glued down with hot glue and cut up crocheted doilies.  

Little Miss used a gift box for the stage that these ballerinas would give their grand performances on. 

I love how fun and easy this project was and how she used her creativity to make her little ballerinas come to life.  

The older she gets I know she will grow out of this playing pretend stage but I am hoping she keeps her creativity and imagination forever.  The fact that she is still into doing things like this and using her imagination makes me smile and hopeful that she will always keep those childlike qualities. :) 

I am linking up today to The Magic Onions Friday Nature Table, head on over there to check out more awesome projects! 


  1. good idea! these are so cute!!!! thank you so much for the tutorial, I am sure Lea will like doing this when she will be older :-)

    1. Thank you!! I was thinking you could use watercolor based paint and then put beeswax or some other natural sealer on them for littler ones to be able to play with {without the petals of course}. Might be a fun project in another year or so with her. :)

  2. Your posts really make me want a girl of my own, your ideas are so cute!

    1. Thank you! Little Girls are def. a lot of fun :)


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