Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Instagram Love {Tutorial}

Recently I may have become slightly okay majorly addicted to instagram photos.  But in my defense how could you not?! They create such cute photos and are so much fun! :)  With many adorable photos on my phone I was pretty keen to get them into prints so I could display them around my house.

I used the app from postal pix to order my instagram photo prints right from my phone.  The app is free and very easy to use/navigate.  It guides you through the order process and you order the photos straight from your camera roll on your phone.  My photos came in two business days after I ordered them, fast and great service all is one is a win, win for me. :)  You can check them out on facebook here.

This is the only place I found that got amazing reviews and would print my instagram photos in true instagram  fashion ie in the square form. :)  Now I will add in one little note about the photo quality:  The photos look awesome and I love them, but there were two that came out slightly not clear in print form.  This didn't bother me at all because if I look at the photos on my phone the way the filter is applied it is not crisp.  Be mindful of the photos you print if you want all crisp looking photos because the different instagram filters will give you different photo results. I love it and love the different variety in my photos when they are displayed. 

I found lots of inspiration for cute ways to hang the photos but I was looking for something simple for my daughter's room.  I plan on making something cool for our family room but for my daughter's room I wanted something that was easy for her to use and fun.  

This is a simple to do project that you can change up very easily....use ribbon, lace, braided yarn, hemp, cording......lots of possibilities here.  My daughter loves tulle and wanted the photos on her door so this display method was the perfect solution. :)

~~Just to add in, yes you can still close the door with the tulle wrapped around it like this.  I don't know how other materials would effect that.  The tulle for us does not effect the door closing one bit. 

All you need is tulle rolls in your favorite colors, clothespins, and scissors.  I did use some clothespins in her display that I had used mod podge to apply scrap booking paper too.  That is an easy way to decorate your clothespins to give it an extra fun touch. 

Cut a really long piece of tulle.....you want to have enough so that you can keep wrapping it around your door.  

Use the tulle and wrap it around your door, feeding it through the gap in between the door and the jam.  It does take some time to do this, its faster if you have someone helping you out.  You will leave a two foot section at the beginning so that you can tie it off when you are finished.  If you have someone helping you they can hold on to this section to keep it there, otherwise use a small piece of tape to tape it to the door to hold it in place.  When you get to the end of your tulle use the two ends to tie the tulle into a bow to secure it to the door.  While wrapping it you want to do it tight but not too tight that you rip the tulle.  You just want it to be tight enough that it stays in place on the door. 

Use the clothespins to hang your photos and you are finished!  Quick and easy, not to mention fun and a low cost way to hang all your awesome photos.  You could even use this method to display your child's art on the door as well.  :) 

Now I just need to finish up a few more crochet flowers to be pinned to her door and it will be perfect according to little miss. :) 

I am linking up to Frontier Dreams Keep Calm Craft On today, head on over there to see some more awesome creative people. :)


  1. I haven't used Instigram, but this is a very cute project and I think it would work well with any photos really! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Its so addicting! But I love it and love how I can change up a photo so quickly on my phone. :) I am thinking about doing this on another door and using it so my daughter can hang more of her artwork as well. Its a quick and cheap way to display stuff without a huge commitment :)

  2. ooooh thank you so much for the lovely ideas ! I also love using instagram. I hope I can also ordre this kind of pictures from France. Do you have an IG account? My IG account is "loisirspassion".


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