Wednesday, August 8, 2012

No Sugar Berry Lemonade

I'm back from my blogging break.  

Long story short, my body hates typing and being on the computer and I was in need of a break.  I had to come to terms with that and realize that I just needed to { in the words of my PT} "make modifications" to what I was doing.  So I still plan on blogging, just not daily like I was.  

On to the post! 

I feel like summer and lemonade go hand in hand.  I never really crave it any other time of the year and I don't care for how much sugar it takes to make a pitcher of it so I don't tend to make it here at home.  Hence why its Aug and there has been no lemonade love in our house.  We have been juicing and making other yummy sugar free drinks but for some reason lemonade got left out....until last week! :)

I love how when you stick it in the freezer to get it ice cold it gets all frothy like a root beer float.  :)

No Sugar Lemonade for 2 

What you need: 
2 med to large size lemons 
Berries {I used about two bowls full}
*any other fruit you want to add in :)

Step 1: 
Wash your lemons and berries{& other fruit if you are using more}. 
Remove as much of the peels as you can from your lemons. 

Step 2:
Cut up your lemons and berries. 

Step 3:
Juice your lemons in your juicer.  Take your lemon juice and divide it in half into two mason jars or other glass cups. 
Juice your berries and then divide that in half into the same jars you have your lemon juice already in.  
Mix it up and give it a taste.  If your berries are not super sweet it might be slightly bitter, my daughter and I don't mind that and actually kind of like that hint of bitter lemon taste.  If that happens and you are not to keen on it you could always juice a handful of red grapes{or any other sweet fruit on hand} and add that to it as well since those are usually pretty sweet this time of year. 

After we get the taste just right we pop it in the freezer for 10 mins or so to get it nice and cold.  Drink as is or serve it over ice.  

We love this version of no sugar lemonade and there are so many possible variations with all the amazing fruits {and even some veggies!} out there that you could have so much fun creating your own special family lemonade. 

And yes, I know there is sugar in fruit, by saying "no sugar" I am talking about the added sugar that is in so many drinks these days. ;)


  1. Thank you for sharing! I can get lemons super cheap at farmers market and will for sure try this next time I go there!

    1. I LOVE how cheap lemons are at the farmers market, makes this drink not only easy but cheap too when you get your produce local :)


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