Friday, April 20, 2012

Crochet Pattern: American Girl Tiara

Earlier this week I did a post on tiaras for a little girl, pattern and photos can be found here.

My daughter loved how the kid size tiaras came out and wanted her doll Kit to have a matching one for her big day next month.  I love that she still likes to do the matching thing with her dolls and comes up with her own ideas and projects for things.  Its so neat to watch their creative minds at work. :)

For the back I took two long pieces of ribbon and then on each side I put it through the gap right next to either the ch 2 or the double crochet {depending on the side} and then pulled it through about two inches or so. Then I folded it over and hot glued the 2 inch folded onto the the long piece of ribbon.  This way it wrapped around either the ch 2 or the dc to keep it secure to the tiara. 

American Girl Crochet Tiara Pattern
US Crochet Terms

What you need:

5.50 hook 

Worsted yarn {I like a soft but not too soft yarn}

Yarn needle for weaving ends

Beads or other embellishments 

Needle and thread for sewing on beads and embellishments. 

Ch 23

Row 1
sc in the second chain from the hook and sc across till the end

Row 2
ch 2
skip 2 stitches
work 1 dc in the next, cross in front of the dc you just made and work a dc in the 2nd skipped stitch of this row
* skip 1, work 1 dc in the next, cross over that dc and make a dc in the skipped stitch *
Repeat that pattern until you have 2 stitches left. 
skip 1 and then dc in the last 

Row 3
ch 1
1 sc in the 1st space created from the previous row's crossed dc stitches {this will be in between your last dc of the row and the last crossed dc pair of the row
work 1 dc, 4 tr, 1 dc in the next space
* work 1 sc in the next space & 1 dc, 4 tr, 1 dc in the next space *
Repeat this pattern across ending with a your 1 dc, 4 tr, 1 dc cluster in the last space and then a sc in the top of the ch 2 from the previous round.

Secure your yarn, weave in your ends and embellish to your hearts content! 

My daughter loved the one that I did and she sewed the beads on so much that she wanted to give it a try as well.  The cross double crochets were a little hard for her at first but she mastered it so quickly and was able to finish it off easy peasy. 

I love how adorable hers came out! 

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  1. They are fabulous.
    I am trying to learn to crochet, and this has really inspired me - my girls would love them!

    1. Thank you!! You're so sweet, I am glad that these simple tiaras have inspired you :) Your girls will def. love them, my daughter has been playing with hers all week and wants to make more in many colors so they can match her outfits. :)

  2. What a neat crocheted tiara! My girls would love this! Now I just need to learn to crochet...I can knit, but have not crocheted...

    1. Thank you!! I am in the same boat but reverse....I can crochet but can't knit to save my life! lol I would love to learn but every time I try and teach myself I get so confused ....might have to just take a class one of these days, there are so many beautiful knit patterns!. :)


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