Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crocheting An American Girl Hat{Crocheting with Kids Part 3}

When it came to the third project I would teach my daughter I knew she would want to make something else for her American Girl Dolls.  She just loves those dolls and is always making them jewelry or pillows or other fun things to use when playing with them.  

I designed two simple hat patterns for her dolls that could be worked up fast and easy.  Perfect for a young budding crocheter. :)

Here is where I found her the couple days she was under the weather...thankfully the flu did not hit her hard this year.  She was laying in bed with her puzzles and yarn ....crocheting and playing away.  I love her room, its full of art, colors, tons of books, and things she has made. :)

Her first hat she made, she was so very proud of herself.  She even had me text my husband to tell him that she had finished.  To say she was bouncing up and down with excitement is an understatement.......about to burst with excitement might be more accurate. :)

Melts my heart to see her so happy and proud of herself. <3
She wanted to set up the photos I would take of her doll and the hat she had made.  I love that she went all artistic with these photos and even thought to bring in some plants too. 

Since it was her special moment I def. wanted to take the photos the way that she wanted, she was so full of happiness over the whole thing.  It was adorable to watch her ponder over how to set her doll up and what way I should take the photos.  I love how our mini rosebush looks in the photos too.  

Sharing my love of crochet and photography with her these past few weeks has been priceless.  I'm looking forward to the many more priceless memories will will share.  :)

This pattern is available in my etsy store as part of a set: Granny Two Ways
Perfect for gifts for holidays and birthdays and work up fast enough that you could make them to give out as party favors for your doll lover's next birthday party. 

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