Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring into the Holidays 2012

So I know that its only March,  
BUT I like to get a jump start on my holiday gifts now so that when the fall season rolls around I am mostly done and can really enjoy the season with my family and friends.  Not to mention all the extra time for baking yummy treats and crafting with my daughter. :)

In our family we have slowly started this tradition of making as many of our holiday gifts as we can handmade/homemade.  This year we are setting a new goal for ourselves, we want at least 90% of our gifts to be things we create ourselves either from scratch or by taking used items and breathing new life into them.  Our family is so excited about this new tradition, its been a bonding experience for us and lots of fun as well. I find that if we start early like this, we enjoy more of the things we are crafting and creating because there is no rush to get it done. 

I started a new page up top here
There I will keep a running post of things I am making for the upcoming holidays for the rest of the year {mainly mother's day and Christmas for us with a few birthday's thrown in}.  
Now, just because I write this {insert fab item here} is for lets say Mother's Day for someone special in my life, does not mean it won't make a good birthday or holiday gift.  I am just sharing what we are doing here, in a hopes to inspire others to make some of their gifts this holiday season handmade/homemade. 

Each photo in the running list on that page will link back to a blog post of mine with the tutorial or info on the project pictured.  

If you have something that you are making that you would like to feature in this series, send me an email and we can chat. :D

Look for this photo above at the end of featured posts for this series from now on. :)

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