Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Juicing Recipes Take 1

It's official, I am addicted  to juicing! lol :)

I have seen so many benefits from it, I am a believer.  I do eat food too, but when I do I keep it in a clean eating lifestyle when I can, life always throws loops and we can't all be perfect.

Here are just a few of my favorites right now.  As spring and summer come into play I am hoping to come up with more fun ones as more produce becomes in season.

I drink all my juices cold with ice, just tastes better. :)

My Green Juice 

4-5 pieces of kale, the whole thing, leaves and all
2 stalks of celery 
handful or two of spinach 
3 apples {1 green, 2 sweet}
1 orange 
1 pear
handful or two of green grapes

~You can use red grapes too, both ways are super yummy! 

Orange Power

28 baby carrots 
2 1/2 oranges
3.5 apples {any, my fav. combo always has 1 green at least}

Grape Love {Green Version}

2 cups of green grapes 
1 orange
2 green apples 
handful or two of spinach 
The blend of green grapes and green apples is fab! 

Red Version

2 cups of red grapes 
1/2 of a pear 
1 orange 
2 apples {1 green, 1 sweet}

Watermelon Apple 

The above photo shows two separate juices.
On the left is straight watermelon juice, on the right is apple {mix of sweet and green}

I took the two juices and did a 50/50 blend., so good!! 
I had some watermelon left over which I added some to a Grape Love {Red Version} and some to my Green Juice and that tasted awesome too. 

Morning Sunshine

I make a big batch of this for me and my daughter.  I just keep juicing oranges and apples until I have a good amount for the two of us.  Throwing in some berries can take the punch out of the orange if you don't dig citrus much.  Great for when you're fighting a cold. 

Vamp Juice can be found here

I finally found some straws that were BPA free for my juicing! They looks so cute stored in an old Starbucks cup. :)


  1. thank you for those recipes !!! I love juices too but only with fruits

    1. I used to be the same way! What I did to overcome that a bit was I would juice the veggies first, whatever the recipes I was using called for. And then I would keep adding fruit until it was a taste I enjoyed. Then I just cut back some of the fruit a bit as time went on. I find now that I love the juices with kale and celery....go figure! lol :)


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