Sunday, March 4, 2012

Re~Sizing The Big Brother Hat

Last week I made these hats

from this pattern here.

I wanted to make the boy version for a little boy who will be 8 by the holidays and I found that the child version would be a little too snug after trying it on my almost 9 year old daughter.  

To make it a little bigger I just went up to a 5.50 hook, I didn't need it too much bigger so just going up that half size did the trick.  

It fits great and actually has a little room in it as well.  :)
I changed the last two rounds of this one as well by doing:

Round 12
ch 2 and hdc around, join like the rest of the hat

Round 13
ch 1 and sc around, join like the rest of the hat. 

This post will be going into my Spring into the Holidays 2012 Series as well. 

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