Thursday, March 1, 2012

Big Sister, Little Brother Hats

Just a quick photo post, taking care of my sick little ballerina today.  Hoping this bug passes soon!

Hats made from this pattern here just like yesterday's post.

I'm totally loving the girls hat...the yarn and the edging are so fun and sweet!

Victoria loves this hat, she kept hinting to me while I was making it that she wanted one too.  Thinking that it will make a cute Easter gift, even though she will have to wait a few months to wear it outside. ;)  She just loves having hats and wears them around the house daily. 

These two are going to a brother and sister, can't wait to see the two of them in their matching but different hats. 

A few more hats to go, def. loving this pattern. 

This hats would make fabulous holiday gifts, works up fast and you can customize by color or by adding on a flower or other fun applique. 


  1. I love your hats, especially the sister's one with those colors :-)

    1. Merci! The pattern is so simple and easy, love it! :)


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