Monday, January 16, 2012

Vintage Inspired Crochet Bracelet Pattern: Make it YOU!

I adore vintage inspired pieces, they just have so much character and a sophistication about them.  I wanted to do a bracelet that was a mix of a natural fiber and a touch of some glamour.  I also wanted something that would work up quick and easy.  I added in the row where you can weave in ribbon or lace as a way to customize this bracelet and make it fit the personality of  the person wearing it.  It reminds me of some shirts and dresses I crocheted for my daughter that have these rows in them.  She loves changing up her outfits with lace and ribbon.

You may sell things made from my personal patterns BUT DO NOT sell my patterns as your own work.  If you sell something made from one of my patterns please credit me for the pattern, Thanks in advance!! :)

For this bracelet you will need:

Cotton yarn {I choose an all natural cotton found at a local shop}
Ribbon, lace, or fabric to weave  through {I can't wait to go and get some lace this week for this bracelet.  I can see in my head the color and style of the one I want for this and I am so excited to see it come together. :) }
A button {I used a vintage button out of my collection}
Needle, yarn needle, and thread
5.00mm hook

Written in US Crochet Terms

Stitches used:

Chain {ch}
Single Crochet {sc}
Half Double Crochet {hdc}
Double Crochet {dc}
Triple Crochet {tr}
Shell {3dc, 1tr, 3dc}
Skip {sk}
Space {sp}
Vintage Inspired Crochet Bracelet: Make it YOU

ch 24 and then 2 more
The ch 2 does not count.

Row 1:  hdc in the 3rd chain from the hook
hdc across {24 hdc}

Row 2:  Ch 2 {does not count}
hdc across for 22 hdc
ch 1, sk 1, hdc  {23 hdc, 1ch 1, 1sk}
In this row you created your button loop for your button to go through.

Row 3: ch 2 {counts}
ch 3 more
sk 3, dc
*ch 3, sk 3, dc* repeat to the end of the row ending in a dc {6 ch 3 spaces}

Row 4:  Ch 2 {counts}
hdc across, doing 3 hdc in each ch 3 sp.  This makes the spaces smoother for weaving in ribbons and lace.
3 hdc in the last ch 3 sp  {24 hdc}

Row 5:  ch 1 {does not count}
sc in the ch 1 stitch space
sk 2, shell in the next, sk 2
*sc, sk 2, shell, sk 2* repeat until you have 3 shells

I ended the shells here because I don't like having something on the palm of my hand when writing and driving.  You could do a fourth shell if you wanted to.
Finish off all your ends and weave them in.  Sew on a button, find a fabulous piece of ribbon, lace, or whatever you desire to weave in the chain spaces.

I love all the possibilities this bracelet has could make it more casual with some basic ribbon or totally dress it up with some fabulous lace or dressy ribbons.  I can't wait to try out more options with this.  I am working on a necklace similar to this.  I found it after writing this pattern and thought it was so cute but I would never wear it the way the pattern was written.  I reworked it and made it more me and I can't wait to share it with you.  Just have to find that perfect lace to go with it and then I am set. :)

I love the way this looks on, its so feminine and soft with just the right hint of vintage appeal for me.
I don't really fancy taking photos of myself....whenever I do I always edit them like crazy with effects.  I guess its just fun to see yourself in a whole new perspective, or its the inner artist in my trying to come out visually, who knows! lol  You will also see a lot of wood in the back of most of my photos.  This is for two reasons: 1. The light in my house is so very hard to take photos in for me. 2. I love the way wood looks in the background in photographs. :)
Just a reminder, this pattern is for personal use only and if you make one I would love to see the finished product. :)
I set up a flickr account to post finished products from others, so if you would like to have yours up there just send me a message and I would gladly post it.

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