Monday, January 16, 2012

Simple Flower Crochet Necklace/Headband

Inspired by my little Victoria, this quick headband/necklace can be worked up in under 15 mins.  :)
Victoria had a holiday party the other day and she 
 wanted some fun holiday pieces to go with her outfit.  Not having that much notice I tried to whip something up that was fun and quick the afternoon of.  We both loved them so much I am thinking about making them in a few other colors....they will be great spring and summer accessories in all sorts of fun bright colors. :)
The headband/necklace ties in back {with a bow} so you can use it as a headband or as a necklace, love pieces with double functions!

Simple Crochet Headband/Necklace

You may sell things made from my personal patterns BUT DO NOT sell my patterns as your own work.  If you sell something made from one of my patterns please credit me for the pattern, Thanks in advance!! :)

Pattern written in US Crochet Terms

What you will need:

4.0mm hook and a 5.0mm hook
A small amount of yarn, I used Naturally Caron Country.
Scissors & yarn needle

Stitches Used: 

double crochet {dc}
single crochet {sc}

chain 65 with your 4.00 hook
chain 3 more

Join into the 4th chain from the hook to create a circle.

chain 2

9 half double crochet into the circle
Join with a slip stitch into the chain 2 space of the beginning chain 2

Switch to your 5.5 mm hook

chain 1, 4 dc  in next, sc, 4dc in next, sc, 4dc in next, sc, 4dc in next, sc, 4dc in next, sc,
{You should have five petals at this point}
Join with a slip stitch into the chain 1 space of the beginning chain 1

Next, you will need to do a slip stitch into the circle you created for your double crochet round.
Go back to your 4.00 hook.
Chain 68
Doing the slip stitch into the circle you created for the middle brings the chains back under the flower to match up with the first chain section that you completed.
I used a yarn needle to knot the ends really well and then snipped off the excess.
Told you it was super easy and fast! ;)
If you are making it for a younger little one you can adjust the amount of chains for the lengths to better suit their head.
Tie it in a pretty bow and you are good to go!
She ended up wearing this one as a necklace to the party and then used my red necklace that I had made from this pattern I wrote:
as a headband.
We took out the lace and it was big enough to just tie in the back under her hair.  I actually love the way it looks as a headband too. :)
Or you can tie it around your neck as a choker necklace for a whole new look....see photo below.  I have to give the credit to Victoria for that one ..totally her idea to make it into a choker necklace. ;)
You still have time before the holiday parties next week to whip one up!
If you make one, I would love to see {and hear ;)} how they come out!

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