Monday, January 16, 2012

New Patterns For Sale: Victoria's Cowl Child & Adult Versions

I posted a new crochet pattern for sale in my shop today.  I love this pattern because it works up so quick and if you use a super soft yarn like I did, then it feels amazingly soft and squishy when wearing it.  I used different hooks with both patterns and the adult pattern is made using two strands held together at the same time.  I love how the patterns match but they also fit for a child wearing it as well as an adult.  I wanted to use the same stitch on both so that they would be matching pieces but I wanted the child one to have smaller stitches better suited to a child and the adult version to have big chunky stitches.
Victoria loves to wear hers two and from ballet when we get out late and its chilly or if we are out shopping in the late afternoon/evening.  It does not get too cold where we live {thankfully no snow!!} but it def. does get chilly.  I love cowls because they stay on you and there is nothing hanging down like you have with the more traditional scarf.  Victoria loves that her jacket slips over this with ease and it covers her shoulders and part of her chest, which tend to get cold wearing a ballet leo going to and from class. ;)
And yes, in the second photo my daughter is wearing a  Horcrux. 
She adores and loves all things Harry Potter. :D
The back of the cowl.  No buttons, ties or anything.  Just one piece.
I love the texture in this piece.
The adult version has a bigger chunky stitch that suits an adult better than a child.  I think a bigger stitch like this would be over powering for the smaller frame of a child.  The bigger stitch makes it extra squishy and cozy.  I made mine shorter than Victoria's because I don't like having too much stuff around my neck.  The patterns will give you instructions on how to get the perfect size for you and you get to choose the length :)
Victoria loves hers long so she can pull it up over most of her face and pretend she is playing secret spy agent and her mission is top secret and no one can know who she is. ;)
The cowls also make great mommy & daughter{s} matching pieces as well. :)
Info on the cowl from my etsy page:
The pattern is written in US Crochet Terms.
Both patterns include info on how to make adjustments to get a custom fit for the person who will be wearing it. My email is included in the pattern for support if needed while completing the patterns.
These cowls work up really quick, in a weekend you can have one or both {if you are a fast crocheter ;) } done and ready to wear for Monday. These make wonderful quick and easy gifts that will keep the wearer nice and toasty warm in the cooler months.
The stitch provides a nice stretch so it can slip over your head with ease. My little one loves wearing these to and from ballet on cold nights. If you make it longer like I made hers {the length is up to you!} then the neck and some of the chest will be covered. Perfect for keeping warm when you are running to the car from ballet on a cold winter night :)
Patterns are for personal use only.
Listing can be viewed here:
Today Victoria finished up her Hatching Magic art piece and is working on another art project about Colonial Villages.  Will be posting those projects hopefully this week.  Hoping we will get some sun so I have better light in my house for photo taking. :)

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