Monday, January 16, 2012

Santa Sack Tradition

I saw this tradition on a couple blogs that I read from moms in Aussie and fell in love with this idea.  We don't usually wrap gifts in our house unless they are for people outside our family of three.  Even then I try and use bags that can be recycled or reused when gift giving.  So normally on Christmas morning our daughter would wake up and see her gifts stacked up in a neat pile waiting to be sorted through husband and I waiting to hear squeals of delight.  :)
This year we are starting a new tradition, using a Santa Sack as our holder for our daughter's Christmas Gifts.
Victoria helped me sew this sack up....we made it extra big because she thought it would be super funny if she could fit inside it lol
All you have to do is sew a sack like you would a pillow case...its really easy to whip up. :)
I am planning on making a girly girl fun one for birthday gifts too.  I am hoping in starting this tradition with her that she will share it will her children one day.
I don't want to go all eco on everyone on why we do what we do with not wrapping ....long story short:
We don't feel comfortable with how much garbage is accumulated on Christmas with all the present opening and would rather not take part in that.  This Santa Sack is perfect because it allows for some fun and festiveness all with keeping our eco values in mind.  :)
My cute little Christmas helper....or as she calls it, my Christmas elf lol :)
If you are a good sewer you could totally do this in under an hour...for someone like me who is just okay it took me a couple of hours but that is probably because of all the giggle parties Victoria and I were having and because I can't bend over my sewing machine too long because of my back.
Hoping to inspire at least one person to make one of these for next year.
We can change the world and make a difference one person at a time.
Because that person can inspire someone ...and so on and so on.
A chain of infections goodness!

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