Monday, January 16, 2012

Covered Composition Notebook Tutorial

I love the look of covered notebooks.  They make the classic composition notebooks look so much cooler. :)  We use composition notebooks in our house for schooling a, history, journals. ect.  Sometimes I will cover them in brown paper in the old textbook cover way so that my daughter can draw all over the front of it.  Today we decided to beautify our new science composition notebook with some pretty vintage inspired scrapbook paper.
For this project you will need:
A composition notebook or journal
mod podge or some good glue
hot glue gun and hot glue
 You will trace the front cover of your notebook onto the scrapbook paper of your choice and then cut it out.  I did another small piece and cut the end with scallop scissors just to give it a fun touch. 
Use mod podge or glue to glue your paper down, be sure to smooth it down nice and slow as you put the paper down to avoid air bubbles.  I like to put the mod podge all over the front cover and then lay my paper down nice and slow. 
We put a thin coat of mod podge over the paper once it dried.  You don't have to do this but since I know it will get a lot of use I thought adding an extra sealer would be a good idea. :)  
Cut your ribbon to size, leaving an inch on each side to fold over to the inside of the notebook.  Hot glue the ribbon down and then turn your notebook over so you are looking at the inside.  Hot glue the little one inch tabs to the inside cover to secure your ribbon down. 
Victoria's finished notebook! I didn't like the way the photo came out inside ...the lighting in my house drives me nuts! lol 
That's better! Love the colors and the purple ribbon my daughter picked. :)
Showing off her new science notebook. 
Excited? Silly?  Not sure what, but its super cute. :)
She loves blank pages in a notebook....I think its the joy of filling them in. 
This project is super easy and fun to do.  It took my daughter and I about an hour to do it, including drying time.  I let her do a lot of the work.  She loves creating things and putting her own touch on things that she is going to use.  I think its really rewarding for her and I know its priceless for me to watch. :)

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