Monday, January 16, 2012

Today's Thrift Store Goodies!

This morning we were out doing our early morning running around and since we were done early Victoria and I decided to treat ourselves to a stop at one of our favorite thrift stores near our house.  Its not a huge shop, but I always find great little pieces for the home for really good prices without the high mark ups.  I love thrift store shopping with Victoria, she is getting really good at picking out pieces to show me that she knows I will like.  I guess from all our thrifting she is picking up on the styles of stuff I like ;)
I got some great little mugs for tea for Victoria.
I love that these mugs are small and not too heavy.  They are perfect for a little one who loves to drink tea each morning with her breakfast. :)  The colors and the patterns on these really caught my eye while we were going through all the dishes and glasses.  They are in great condition too, it looks like they were hardly ever used at all, which is a shame because they are too cute not to use!  No worries, they will get plenty of use in our house. :)
My awesome new vintage apron, what a steal this one was, only three bucks! I love the pattern on this and the sweet look of the lace around the edges.  Just needs a wash and it will be ready to use.  Victoria added in the "pearls" to the photo, she said they would look good with the new apron. ;)
I got this awesome wooden hanger with some unique writing on it.  I will have to look up what language that is in.  This will become another jewelry display for a gift for my daughter for Valentines Day.  :)  She has been saying she would really like one after I made a couple of them for gifts and such.  I was looking for a unique hanger for hers and I found it today.  I told her it was for a project but didn't say what.  I can't wait to see her face when she gets hers on the holiday.  :)
If you find a hanger with that bottom piece that goes across, just unscrew it or cut it off and then you can use it for making your very own jewelry display.  For a tutorial for making a vintage inspired jewelry display out of a vintage hanger see my post here:
I have been on the hunt for vintage items for my kitchen, mixed bowls, baking dishes, and a pie plate to name a few.  Not only was I looking for a cute and functional piece, but I wanted a good price on it as well.  I found this awesome medium sized glass Pyrex mixing bowl today and fell in love.  I love the tinted glass and the adorable pattern on it, call me crazy but it makes me smile.   Its a happy bowl lol  :)  This vintage bowl was a steal for 8 bucks.  I have seen similar sized ones going for $16 - $20 at other stores.
So this last piece today totally made my day.  I love, love, love it.  I love the edging, I love the carving in the middle, its beautiful.  This platter is solid silver and has a nice firm weight to it.  I saw it in a bin on a bottom shelf, the edges peaking out caught my eye.  I had Victoria pull it out for me since it was so low and we both looked at each other and smiled.  She knew after seeing it that I would love it.  Like I said, she is totally catching onto my tastes in vintage stuff, even though I am kinda all over the board lol ;)
I just need to polish this baby up and it will shine like it used to.  I don't mind the subtle wear and tear, it gives it some great character.  I am torn though, with what to do with it.  Should I hang it on the wall for display, make it into a cake stand for birthday's and holidays.....hmmmm.  Not sure what to do with it yet.  So many ideas going through my head.  I am just happy that I found it and that it came home with us.  Ready for the very best part about it?
Drum roll........
This platter was marked for $4.00 and today they were having a sale with everything in the kitchen section being 50% off.  So I got this solid silver platter for $2.00 bucks.  Totally made my thrift shopping day right there!  :)
I am hoping to go into the country area this weekend or next and visit some other thrift stores that I have not been too.  I love going to other towns to thrift, they have unique pieces in some areas that you won't find in others so its fun.  My husband told me I am like a kid in a candy store when I am thrifting, I have to admit, he is spot on with that one. lol :)

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