Monday, January 16, 2012

Periodic Table Learning Activity for Kids

When I think back to high school and learning the periodic table for science class it brings back bad memories of staying up way to late to study and using our teacher given cheat sheets to squeeze in as much information as possible.  I did okay on the test thanks to all my studying and good planning of the real estate on my cheat sheet ;)  But when I look back on it, it def. was not all. lol
So when this unit rolled around for Victoria in Science class I was determined to make it fun for her and enjoyable.  The whole month of January is going to be focusing on Elements and Compounds in Science.  We already did a hunt around the house to find things off the periodic table that were in our every day items as an introduction to the subject, Victoria loved running around the house, looking at labels and items and trying to place them with things on the periodic table.  :)

For this activity you will need:
The Periodic Table Elements with Style By Basher Books {Check out your local library for this one}

A good periodic table for references.  I got my printable here: {free}

A copy of the riddles we used, found here: {free}

When we started this unit, I had Victoria read the Periodic Table book first before we did anything else.  She loved the funny drawings and the way the elements were explained.  The days following her finishing this book were filled with her pointing out elements in our every day life with lots of excitement.  My plan for making the elements fun for her was def. working out! :)
I found the awesome periodic table printable while searching on Pinterest, I love that site! I have found some great homeschooling stuff on there.   The version I picked to use was the table with photos on it.  I thought that given her age, Victoria would be able to understand and relate better to that one.  They have two download versions, one with photos and one with words.  You can buy the poster sizes from their site as well.  I saved both to my computer for future use when she is in middle/high school science classes. Love free schooling printables!
The riddles I found on another site that has the riddle activity explained to you and offers the free riddle download.  There were a bunch more activities on that site that I want to check out.  Hoping to do a couple of those as well as the others I have planned this month.
Victoria went through and read the riddles, looked at her periodic table and then wrote in her answers.  As a review for each element that was an answer on the riddle activity, I had her re read that page in her book.   She had a blast doing this activity, I am so glad that I found it.  It was right up her alley because she loves jokes and riddles. :)
Victoria would read the question out loud and I would pretend like I didn't know the answer.  The first photo in this group is of her saying "Its potassium Mom!!! Didn't you know that?"  And then bursting into a laughing fit because she really thought I didn't know that one.  Why yes dear daughter, I did know that.  What fun would it be and how much would you learn if I told you the answers before you figured it out? ;)
For other supplemental work we will be using:
Books from our local library
Resources I have here from my curriculum
Brainpop and Brainpop Jr.  {We love these sites!}
I hope everyone is having a good weekend....this next week dance starts back up and my weeks get busy again.  I enjoyed my two weeks off of dance/schooling but I am happy its starting back up because it brings my daughter such joy and happiness. <3

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