Monday, January 16, 2012

Hatching Magic Mini Project & Books We Are Reading Now/Next

We just finished up Hatching Magic last Friday and it was awesome!!!
This was the month of December's reading comprehension book for school for Victoria.  She loved it so much that she was reading more than the assigned chapters each day.
Reading Comprehension for our schooling works like this:
{The in a nutshell version ;) }
I pick a book for each month of the school year.
I read the book before Sierra and make my own quiz questions for each chapter and my own think it through and expand on it questions as needed/wanted.
I assign the book by chapter{s} each day.
Victoria will read her assignment for the day and then she will take a reading comp. quiz on the sections she read.
I find this to be a lot more in depth than using workbooks for reading comprehension and its also more enjoyable for us both.  I love that since I have read the book before her, we can have discussions over lunch {she does reading comp. right before lunch} over what she read and what she thought.  Its a bonding time for us and it gives me the chance to make sure she fully understands what is going on in the book and the concepts in the book.  I also love hearing her perspective on what is going on in the book and on the character.
We both loved Hatching Magic, Victoria loves fantasy type stuff with Wizards and Witches and mythical creatures.  She thought one of the main characters Theodora was funny and very brave.  Most of all, Victoria loved the little wyverns and her baby and  thought the food that they loved was super funny.  :)  I don't want to give away too much in case you plan on reading it yourself.  I asked Victoria to sum it up in a few describing words:
Interesting, Exciting, Adventurous, Funny, Scary
On a scale of 1 - 5
Victoria rated it a "FIVE!!!!" lol
Its safe to say that she loved the book :)
For a Mini wrap up project Victoria designed her own Wyvern Trump Card.
The card is a big part of the book so I thought it would be a neat wrap up project.  I wanted something small because we are doing some bigger art projects at the moment with History so I didn't want another huge project on her plate.
I cut out a piece of cardstock for Victoria in a 4 x 6 size.
She then drew out her own Wyvern Trump Card.
She made her card a scene of her in her "wizard house" with her pet wyvern and the egg that is hatching.  Told you she was in love with the wyvern and the baby that hatched in the story. :)
I plan on doing another post on what we use for teaching drawing soon.  I love the book that I was introduced to last year.  It has really worked out well for us :)
After she made her card she wrote up a book review for the book and put both pieces into a page protector so that they can be easily and safely stored in her Reading Comp. binder.
Next up for Reading Comp.:
After Victoria reads the book we will watch the movie and compare how the two are similar and how they are different.
I have some really fun art projects planned for this book,  can't wait!  We will probably start this book early, its supposed to be our January book but Sierra is just itching to start it so it looks like we will be doing some reading over break. :)
For fun Victoria is currently reading:
This book is really neat! Its more enjoyable if you watch the movie as well because they reference the book in the movie. :)  I think for a child, that part really brings the magic of the book alive when they saw it in a movie and now are holding something like it in their hands.
So close to finishing the very last Harry Potter book!!! :)
Right now I am reading a lot of different things .....reading comp. books, textbooks for teaching, reference material, and articles.  I just started:
because my eco BFF told me it was a good read.  I loved Ecoholic ...that book was a real eye opener.  I love eco books ...they are so interesting to me and eco friendly, organic, natural, local stuff are a passion of mine.   Another good read in case you are looking for one is:
The Omnivore's Dilemma {I loved the young readers edition}  Victoria and I read that in Aug - Sept.
Off to have lunch with my awesome little one and hear all about some of the mythical creatures she read about during free read this morning. :)

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