Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year's Worksheets For Kids {Free Printables}

Usually on the first day back to school in the New Year I make a worksheet or two for Victoria to do as a recap of her last year.  Things like what was her favorite part, best memory, favorite food, ect.  I keep them in her keepsake binder and I every time I look at previous years I smile because its so cute to see how she has changed and what was important to her five years ago, four years ago, ect.    This year was a busy one for us, December especially, so I ended up getting my end of the year/beginning of the new year printables off of pinterest.
Even if your little one{s} are younger and can't write yet, doing these are still a lot of fun.  I have some that I did when Victoria was three and four and I wrote in her answers for her.  Funny thing is, strawberries have always been on her favorites list for food since she was three.  That one answer has always been there, that and books/reading.   Things like your favorite movie/TV Show has def. changed.....she went from loving Oliva and Dora to loving Good Luck Charlie and anything Harry Potter.   I love the printable with the blue because the second sheet is for the parents to fill out and the child asks the questions.  I thought that was a pretty cute/fun concept, Victoria loved being the questionnaire. :)
The worksheets only take a short time to fill out but for us they are priceless because when she is all grown up we will have these to look back on from each year as a yearly journal of how she has changed and grown.  I am thinking about adding in a photo to each year as well.  One taken of the three of us, most likely from her birthday.  That way we can see how we all have changed ;)
Links to these printables can be found here:

and here:

This month we are studying elements and compounds in Science, Victoria is reading 11 Birthdays for Reading Comp., and we are still going through the colonial times in History{we are staying in that general time period all year}.
After two weeks off with sleeping in we are both def. tired this morning from getting back into our school routine.  Looks like coffee and I will be best buds today ;)

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