Monday, January 16, 2012

Kids Science {with fun books}

Victoria loves Science BUT she only loves it when its presented in a fun hands on way.  She loves to read about it BUT only when its presented in a fun way with lots of cool photos to look at.  Our first two years of Science I used a textbook.  And I will admit that was not the best for her but I thought at that time that she needed to follow standards to a T.  Then about a year and a half ago I had a moment of ah ha! Thank goodness I did because this past year and a half with Science has been so much fun and I have seen Victoria flourish and find joy in learning Science.
 The way I teach Science still follows state standards BUT I don't use a textbook.  I log on to my school's website over the summer and find out what units Victoria needs to complete for the next school year.  Like for this year we are supposed to cover weather, the solar system, rocks and minerals, health and a few other topics.  The site we have is great because not only does it tell us what subjects to cover, it also tells us what vocab words need to be taught and what main points need to be covered for each topic as well.  I then search online for books I want to use for each topic and for fun experiments and projects we can do as well.  Each unit is  taught by experiments, projects, reading out of library books and using online videos and printables {we love brainpop for this}.
This year we have come across some new science books that I wanted to share because they are great.  The drawings are cute, funny, and totally kid friendly.  They have great information in them and its not too much or too little.  A good amount for young readers and learners.
You can view the books on their site here:
I am hoping the person who has the music one checked out returns it soon because Victoria has been wanted that one for a few weeks now.  :)
So far Victoria has read through a couple of these.  She loved the Astronomy one and the Periodic Table one.   She has been so keen on them that she actually put about five or six of them on her Christmas list this year!  She loves the color, the pictures and the way the information is presented.  Not to mention they come with cool posters that she can't wait to hang up on her wall. ;)
I have to admit, I love the drawings in this book as well, they just make science more fun.  I wish I had books like this when I was growing up....I think that periodic table one would have really helped me out when test time came around. ;)
Our local library has all of these books in stock and from what most of my friends around here have told me, their libraries carry them as well.
I am not affiliated with this company in any way, just wanted to share our love for these books and how they make learning fun. :)

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