Thursday, January 19, 2012

Penelope Apron Crochet Pattern

Over the summer I made this little play apron for Victoria to use when she was cooking with me or just playing pretend.  It's a fairly basic project that can be done in a weekend for most crocheters. :)

The apron ties in the back for easy off and on. 

 I love the flower in the middle that is coming out of the middle of the granny square, it gives it a fun playful feel. :)

Ready to make an apron? 

Here's what you will need:

2 balls of yarn, 1 main color and one accent color
5.5 mm hook
yarn needle for weaving in ends

You may sell things made from my personal patterns BUT DO NOT sell my patterns as your own work.  If you sell something made from one of my patterns please credit me for the pattern, Thanks in advance!! :)

Stitches Used:

All stitches in US Crochet
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Double Crochet (dc)
Triple Crochet (tr)
Single Crochet (sc)
Slip Stitch
chain (ch)

This pattern is really easy and simple to work up and the main part of it just takes some basic crochet knowledge.
You will make a basic granny square. {I am not providing the how to on this because there are so many awesome how to's out there and I don't want to accidentally word mine just like there's and be coping.}

You will keep going around making your granny square until you have 10 rounds or it is 12 inches by 12 inches across. {If making it for a bigger or smaller size you will make the square as big or small as you need for the person you are making it for. :)

Join with your flower color in the corner of one of the groups of 3 dc in the first round.
See Photo:

After joining in that corner do a sc around that corner and then ch 3.
Go to the next corner of a group of 3 dc in the first round and sc around that corner and then ch 3.
You will keep doing this around until you reach the first corner that you started in and there you will do a slip stitch into that first ch 3 group. You will have 8 groups of ch 3 spaces. See photo:

In that ch 3 space you will do: sc, hdc, dc, dc, hdc, sc
Go to the next ch 3 space and do the same sc, hdc, dc, dc, hdc, sc pattern
Keep doing that pattern until you have made all 8 petals and reach the beginning again. See Photo to see what the first 8 finished petals will look like:

Push the top flower petals down so that you can see the underneath/behind of them. You will do a sc around the post of the first sc that you did to start that first round of flowers. See photo:

Ch 4 and then sc around the next sc post from the previous round of the flower.
Keep this up doing a sc around each sc post with a ch 4 in between. You will have 8 groups of ch 4. When you get to the beginning slip stitch into the first ch 4 group. In that ch 4 space you will do: sc, hdc, dc, dc, tr, dc, dc, hdc, sc.
Keep doing the sc, hdc, dc, dc, tr, dc, dc, hdc, sc in each ch 4 space. When you get back to the beginning and have completed all 8 petals you will end with a slip stitch around that very first sc post.

This is for the extra small to small girls size. Again if you are making this for a smaller size or bigger size you can adjust the length of your strap accordingly.

Ch 142
hdc in the 3rd ch from the hook and hdc in each ch till the end.
Ch 2 {counts as 1st hdc} turn and hdc across.
Ch 2 {counts as 1st hdc} turn and hdc across.
Ch 1 {does not count} sc for 45
*picot, sc for 5 * repeat from * to * 10 more times
sc for 40 more
finish off your ends and weave in.

Line up your strap and apron piece how you want it to look. See photo:

Put your pieces right side together. See photo:

Join the same yarn that you used for your strap into the right corner {only in the part of the stitch that is away from you ~ see photo below for an example} ch of the apron and into the strap. Ch 1

You will sc across only using the half of the stitch of the apron that is away from you {as shown in the photo} and the stitch of the strap that is closest to you. The result will be a line of sc across to make a nice clean edge line. See photo below to see what the finished product should look like.

 Finish off your ends and weave them in and you are done! Its a really simple pattern that you can work up fast and easy. Great for holiday or birthday gifts for little girls that love to cook or play dress up. :)

If you make one for someone special in your life I would love to see the finished product! You can link it up on Ravelry here:
you can just email me :) 


  1. oooh it's so cute and beautiful !!!! very good job, thanks for the pattern ! the picture with Victoria is very funny :-)

    1. Thanks! We were going for a funny photo with this one and told her to look like she was concentrating and that is what we got lol It was very fun :) She now wants me to make a doll version so that is on my long list of crochet to dos lol :)


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