Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Easy Fabric Headbands

When summer weather begins so does the daily headband wearing in our house.  My daughter loves headbands, but finds a lot of the hard headbands difficult to wear because they bump her glasses and bother her.  Our solution was tons of crochet headbands with flowers and hearts.  

This year I wanted to mix it up and do something different for her so I went in search of a quick and easy fabric headband tutorial on pinterest so that I could whip up a bunch of new hair accessories for my little headband lover. 

Easiest Fabric Headband I've Ever Made!

Full tutorial can be found here.

The fat quarter bundles that you can get at Joann's are perfect for these because the length on one side is just what you need to whip these up.  I cut the width of mine at 4 inches instead of the called for 3.5 inches because I wanted a wider headband.  I also just did a double fold over for the ends that go around the pony tail holder instead of the pointed end because I liked that look better. To make it fit my 10 year old's head I just made the fold overs a bit wider than the adult version. You could also take off an inch or half an inch to adjust the size accordingly. With the pony tails at the join, these headbands have a great stretch to them.
Love the finished headbands! They are super easy to sew up and would make awesome gifts or party favors. :)

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