Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to Make Tea Cup Candles

I think I have pretty much established the fact that my life lately has been very busy.
 With that being said, I don't consistently blog like I would like to. 
So my new plan for this blog:

Blog when I can, when I have something I want to share and have time to share.  
My life is filled with homeschooling, crafting, homemaking, dancing for my ballerina....the list goes on and on.  I would love to have the time to share all of our crafts, projects, crochet patterns and homeschool goodies and maybe one day I will have more time, but for now I have to settle on posting when I have the time.  I kinda like that, the no pressure blogging, blog when I can, with no promises to have new content daily like so many of the other fabulous blog I read when I have some free time and need inspiration. 

On to the crafting! 

So, I love tea cups; one day I hope to have an amazing vintage collection of them in my home on display on open shelves for me to admire when I am cooking. :)

While surfing pinterest I found some great tutorials on how to make tea cup candles and I knew as soon as I saw them, I had to make some of my own. :)

This was my first batch of them and I love them.  They look so pretty glowing in the dark. 

I was lucky to get a beautiful batch of vintage cups from a family member and now I can't wait to go out to the thrift store and pick up some more of these to make them as gifts for this holiday season. :)

Tip that I found useful in my first batch: 

You need a lot of essential oils if you plan on using that for the scent, so do one candle at first {I know this sounds like a pain but trust me it will pay off} and then once its hardened test it by burning it and see if the scent is as strong as you like.  If you can barely smell it like what happened to my first one that was my tester, double or triple the amount of essential oil drops in the wax per candle. 

I bought soy wax from a local craft store but you could melt down old candles or use other candle wax if you prefer. 

Here are the two tutorials I used to make my candles :


They just make me smile because its something fun, different and whimsical. 
And I love tea cups so tea cup anything is def. my cup of tea! ;)

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