Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easy Handmade Mother's/Father's Day Gift Tutorial

If you've been following my blog for awhile, most of you know that I am big on handmade gifts for the holidays.  I not only love creating them, I also love seeing someone's face when they get a handmade gift.  Its priceless. :)

In our house my husband always tells me its hard when it comes to holidays because I am such a crafty person and will usually just make what I want/like/need ect on my own.  He too is into the handmade stuff but says he is no where near as crafty as me.  I figure there are some other husbands out there in his boat who would love to create something special and personal for their mom or to help their kids make something for their wife....ect so I thought I would post a quick and easy handmade gift that even the proclaimed "not crafty people" can do. :)  

This is a work in progress....still tweaking it to get it just right but that is what is so great about this, you can take this simple idea and add to it to fit the person you are making it for.  What I love about this project is not only how easy and heartfelt it is but how you can customize it for anyone....a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa...ect all depending on the photo, quote and embellishments used. 

What will you need for this project? 

A photo of your choosing

Frame that has matting 

Lace or embellishments 

Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker 

An awesome poem or quote that you feel speaks to that person, you can write it yourself or surf the interwebs for a great one. :)

This is the photo I started out with ....I love this shot I captured of the two of them walking along the path in the park sharing a moment together. 

Stick it into your frame to make sure you like the contrast of the photo and the frame.  I picked a frame that would bring out the colors in the photo.  Sorry about the glare, I didn't push all the back pegs down so its not totally secure in the frame. :)

Write your quote on the matting and then add some embellishments and you are done! 

The poem I used was written by my husband, you can use it if you want but it is copywrited to him, being the writer of the piece.  So if you use it, please link it back to my blog and give him credit. :)

Here is the poem he wrote:
"As I hold her hand and guide her down the narrow, beaten path through life, I begin to realize, I've been here once before.  Only then, I was the one being guided.  Then suddenly it hits me, I too will someday have to let go." ~ G.F.

Now, what changes am I going to make to make this wip a finished product? 

For starters I am going to have my husband re write the poem on the matting because I am not too keen on my handwriting.  Thankfully I have an extra matting! :) 

I might add in a flower in the bottom corner or something else...not sure yet.  

I will def. keep the lace and will trim it and mount it on the matting so it looks beautiful and put together. 

Mother's Day is fast approaching, hopefully you guys are having fun creating beautiful projects for the special people in your life!  I would love to see your finished or wip Mother's day ideas, feel free to link those in the comments so I and others can check them out! :) 

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  1. Very cute! I love it. As I was reading your post, I thought ' hey i got the perfect picture of my husband and kids to do this with' I love making homemade things or getting stuff to make future homemade things. I hope your husband loves it.

    1. Thank you! I too love getting crafting supplies for my future crafting, its like inspiration in a bag! :D I hope your photo frame comes out beautifully! If you end up making it and blog about it, please feel free to link back here in the comments, I would love to see your finished piece :)

  2. Realy lovely idea. Just stopping by from Keep Calm Craft On linky party.


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