Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crocheted Toys and Homeschooling

As promised, this is part 2 of my Photo Challenge post for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week.
You can view part one with the description of the Photo Challenge Post and the rest of the photos here.

When I first saw the information for Day 2's photo challenge I knew I wanted to use my daughter's crocheted owl.  I thought that would be something that could be fun and that she could be a part of as well.  I told her all about it and explained that we had to think about how Bella {That is what she named the owl I made her} could be like a real owl.  It just so happened that we were covering a unit in her writing about metaphors and similes at this time too, which was perfect.  I knew I could take this photo challenge and turn it into a fun schooling lesson for her as well as inspiration for how I wanted to take my photos. 

So before we figured out how we wanted to pose Bella she did a writing activity for school to turn this into more personal lesson.  One that she could really connect with. 

I had her write down descriptive phrases about Bella using similes and metaphors.  This was a lot of fun for her....taking an object that was near and dear to her and then turning it into the subject of her writing exercise. She used used her five senses to come up with her first few and then she began to think out of the box which is what I was aiming for. :)

She then took her favorite ones and turned them into a short poem the way that the workbook told her to. 

I think her poem came out pretty darn adorable....but then again I am her proud mom and teacher. ;)

After this writing exercise I asked her how we could make Bella look like a real owl in a photo. 

Her idea:  Make Bella sit in a tree like a real big barn owl and I will feed her like she is my pet......."just like Harry Potter Mom!!"  {Yes, we are both HUGE HP lovers!}

I thought that was pretty darn adorable so I went with it.  I love to include her in the things I do.  Since she is home with me all day with homeschooling .....if I need to do things I try and make her a part of everything I can.  It gets her mind going, brain thinking, and gives her real world out of the box experience. 

So, the story behind our photos is that she is a witch like in Harry Potter and is in her backyard with her barn own feeding it some seeds for a snack.  {No way she was going to go for a mouse and she did remind me that Harry's owl would eat his people food in the book so why not seeds? lol}

I wanted to share this because as we get further along in our homeschooling journey I am finding more and more times where I can take something real that is going on and work it into a lesson to make something come to life and be more fun and relate-able for my daughter. 

Hopefully it inspires others to do the same. :)  

I am nursing some sore muscles and joints right now.....missing crocheting but I know that the break is good for me in the long run.  Although some little yarn lover in the back of my head says otherwise lol :)

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