Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentines Heart Bookmark & Homemade Valentines Ideas

Its almost Valentines and yet I feel so un ~prepared this year.  We have had so much going on this last month and been busy, busy that I have not gotten done all that I wanted to. Thankfully my daughter adores handmade gifts so I don't have to worry about running out to the store last minute. ;)

So far I did a pattern for a cute and easy heart necklace for your little one{and her doll}:

The little necklace is going to look so cute on her American Girl doll, I can't wait to give her this since she just loves matching them. :)

We also got her a book because she is a little  okay hugely book obsessed. 

Another Harry Potter book, she adores anything Harry Potter 
{yes, that obsession is completely my doing :) }

To go with her new book I did an origami heart bookmark, tutorial can be found 

It ends up coming out super cute and fun.  I did one in a solid and that one was kinda boring and plain so I used some of my daughter's fun origami paper to make one with a little more color and fun.

Cut your paper to a four by four like she recommends so that it fits nice and snug on the book.

If you don't have any origami paper, just use newspaper or some plain white paper.  You can print out a fun print on the plain white paper or decorate it with your own drawings or stamps to make it extra personal.

We also have this tradition in our house of writing little love notes to our daughter on Valentines, we use cut up fun scrapbook paper that we have left over from projects and then my husband and I write her little love notes on each one.  We fold them up and stick them in a mason jar and then its waiting on the kitchen table for her when she gets up valentines morning.  Its heart melting adorable to watch her giggle and smile from ear to ear while she reads those notes.  :)

We have not finished ours yet for this year, so here is a photo of last year's jar {she had already taken off the top and the ribbon before I got to it to take a photo lol }

This morning I finished up an American Girl Cowl, this will be a free pattern that ya'll can look forward to seeing next week. :)

I also made my daughter a dry erase board out of a picture frame for her dance homework, tutorial for that will be next week as well.  

Off to get our schooling on and patiently wait for our crock pot applesauce to get done...the house smells so yummy right now! :)


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