Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jewelry into Wall Art & Hearts

Remember those jewelry hangers that I did a tutorial for a little while back? 

I loved them so much that I decided why not hang them in my hallway and turn our jewelry display into art?  The jewelry hangers are too fun and cute not to be displayed. :)

I made my daughter her jewelry hanger and added a crochet heart to it to dress it up a bit and to remind her that she is always my love bug. 

To make a crocheted heart that you can slip over your hanger like I did all you need to do is follow this pattern here

When you get to the part where you do a slip stitch into the center of your heart, don't cut your yarn yet.
Chain 5 - 10 depending on how big you need your chain so that it can slip over whatever it is you are using.  Then slip stitch into the center of the heart again to secure it and finish off your ends and weave them in.  Now you have a heart with a little loop that you can slip over things for decoration. :)

Here is a close up of what the heart looks like on the hanger:

The above photo was from when we had my daughter's jewelry hanger hanging in the hall bath.  

I really love them in the hallway, it adds a bit of fun and whimsy to the hall and makes me smile when I walk by.  Since my daughter and I have a good collection of vintage jewelry I think we might need another hanger or two....or four to be able to display all our goodies. ;)

If you want to make a jewelry hanger of your own, the tutorial can be found 

My daughter loved the crochet hearts so I ended up making quite a few of them.  I used some of them to make her a heart banner in the hall bathroom.  It is supposed to be a V~Day decoration but since she loves it so much it will probably stay up there well after the holidays. ;)


  1. thanks for all those ideas!!!! I love your heart banner, I hope to be able to make one for Léa's bedroom, it's too cute :-)

    1. The banner is super quick and easy and fun for year round if you like :)


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