Monday, January 16, 2012

Sewing School! Sewing with a little one :)

My 8 year old has been very keen on learning to sew....I think its all the sewing I do at home.  She has def. been bitten by the sewing bug! :)  I searched all over the net trying to find the perfect learn to sew book for her.  I wanted something fun, simple, and very kid user friendly.  Low and behold I found the most awesome book ever!!

This book is amazing for teaching a young child to sew.  The directions and pictures are so clear and easy to understand.  So easy that she is able to do most of the projects all by herself.  There are patterns in the back of the book for the child to cut out and use over and over again and each project has step by step directions.
This past weekend my daughter had a sewing party was so adorable to watch!
Here is a recap of her sewing goodies from projects out of the book:
Meet Flopsina.  I made her all by myself.  Cool huh :)
I love my new buddy!!
I can dress her up so we match too!!
Toy for my vexing  cute kitty!
"Mom, what is this for?"  She totally didn't understand why you would want to cover your eyes while you were sleeping. lol
Pin cushions for me and one for mommy too!!
So there you have it, a look into my daughter's sewing party this past weekend along with her thoughts on each picture.  I thought since she did all the work she should get to pick the cute captions to go with it. :)  If you have a little one who wants to learn to sew I highly recommend this book, its really awesome and so easy to use. :)

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