Monday, January 16, 2012

Homeschooling: History {Colonial Times and More}

This year we are focusing on the discovery of North America, Colonial Times, What was going on in Europe in the same time frame and the time leading up to the Revolutionary War. Since we home school we can take a long time with each time period and really dig in deep and learn so much more than I ever remember learning in school when I was little.  As we go through our lessons I am thrilled to learn new things myself alongside my daughter.  Its kinda like I am getting my schooling all over again in a way.  I must admit its a little more fun the second time around ......must be that lack of homework huh? lol  Last Year we finished up the Ancients and Native Americans.
 My little one working on one of her maps for history. 
 So proud of her map work! :)
 Inside her history binder.  Instead of making the paper folders that the Evan Moor Workbooks tell you to make I put everything into one binder for her that is divided into sections.  I put things in plastic cover sheets to protect my daughter's hard work.  I love this binder idea because my daughter can flip through her past work with ease and look at the things she has done and also review the material as well.  We have always loved the History Pockets by Evan Moor, they teach the lesson in a fun hands on approach and make it easy for expansion on a each topic as well. 
 Victoria's map all put together.   She loves doing maps to go along with her history lessons.  If found a 3D maps workbook this year and it has been a lot of fun so far.  We have had to make a few adjustments with on of the maps but its still came out great, taught the material, and was really fun for my daughter to complete. 
 Close up of the map she did.  I love how the maps can make the history lesson come alive for the child that is doing them.  Its one thing to read about Columbus and his routes ...but its a whole different experience drawing them out and then taking the pieces down the path to really get an understanding about what took place. 
This year for history the workbooks we are using are: 
History Pockets: Life in Plymouth Colony, Colonial America, & Explorers of North America.  
Scholastic Interactive 3D Maps: American History
I will say, the 3D maps are pretty detailed so coloring them can take some time.  Also there were two maps so far that we made a couple adjustments to, that was just so we could put them in our history binder though.  The maps have been a great supplemental to our lessons.  I love that there are maps for a lot of the explorers in the History Pockets Explorers of North America too.  The maps are a lot of fun and are another hands on way to enjoy history with your children.
For History supplemental we use:
The public library, {one of the best places for supplemental material ever!} lots of projects and Brainpop & Brainpop Jr. 
So far this year History and Science have been big hits in our house.  I think its all the hands on projects and lessons we are doing.  We are starting our Astronomy unit tomorrow and I am really excited about all the projects we have planned for that unit.  :)

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