Monday, January 16, 2012

Crochet Flower Ring {Link to tutorial}

A quick New Years Eve Post! :)

A little while ago I saw a link to this blog:
on my awesome French friend's site.
Check out her blog too, she is super sweet and fun to chat with and posts all sorts of great Crochet patterns :)
I spent over an hour easy looking at all the awesome patterns on The Royal Sister's Blog....I think I went a little pin happy on there too. ;)
I have a whole list of patterns of  their's that I want to make but started off with something for me as a little Christmas present to myself.
I made their Granny Rose Ring, pattern can be found here:
I rolled mine a little different.  I made it more full with more petals showing.
I also didn't just glue my flower to the ring back.
After rolling my flower and sewing it together I put a little dab of hot glue on the ring back and pressed my flower to it.  My ring back had holes in it around the edges so I used matching thread and sewed the ring back to the flower to make it more secure.  You can find ring backs with holes around the edges online or in craft stores.  I got mine at Jo~Ann's.
I also didn't do the leaves.  I wanted to keep it simple.
I am planning on making another one with a thinner yarn and smaller hook for my daughter.  This one came out kinda big but its so fun and whimsical, I love it. :)
I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years! We are staying in and taking it easy and having some family fun.
Thinking about trying out this ring next and maybe putting a spin on it as well...thinking shells or maybe a mini bow.
And I can't wait for this pattern to be back up because I love, love, love teacups and tea pots!

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