Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rainbow Loom Bracelets

Have you seen kids out in town or at school with bracelets like this?  Most likely they are into the newest craze that is becoming popular over here....Rainbow Looms.  Normally I don't buy into the new latest and greatest thing or fads but little miss had her own money and since it was a crafting project that could keep her busy on the hot summer days I said okay.  She has been having a blast the past week making tons of bracelets for herself, her friends, and family. It was a great purchase that I am sure she will get a lot of joy out of learning all the different ways to make bracelets and making up her own versions. :)

You can visit the Rainbow Loom website here if you want to learn more about it.  Amazon sells the kits as does Learning Express....I have found that they are half the price at Learning Express so before you buy them off of Amazon check your local stores to see if  they carry them. 
{ Rainbow Loom is not paying me anything for this post ....I am merely sharing a great crafting tool that my daughter and her friends have all fallen in love with. } 

You use these small rubber bands, a hook, and a loom to create your awesome accessories. 

Beating the heat this weekend with bracelet making at the kitchen table.  Instead of running all of our inside lights we will put a bright lamp on the table for crafting to keep the heat of the house down as well as the energy bill low when its 110 degrees outside and the ac is running like crazy. 

The booklet that comes with the kit teaches you how to make single ones first. 
We have quite a few of those around the house right now....at least 15 or so at my last count lol 

When you get the hang of how to work the loom and the hook you can move onto more advanced patterns. 
Triple Single Pattern Pictured Above 

Video for the Triple Single Pattern here

Love the texture in this one! 
This is the Liberty Twist Pattern, video tutorial can be found here. 

This pattern is the Single Rhombus and can be found here.

Now that my daughter has gotten the hang of this and understands how the patterns work she has begun to try and make her own designs. :) 

These bracelets are great for summer, colorful and fun and can get wet with no problem :) 

If you have kids who love to make handmade gifts for friends and family these are perfect because they are something they can do on their own from start to finish and can show their creativity in each piece. 

Tons of video tutorials for the loom and mini loom found here. 

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