Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cold Bean + Tomato + Corn Salad {or salsa for your chips!} Gluten Free

As the weeks go by and I get back into blogging occasionally you will prob. notice a slight shift in my content. I will still be posting about crocheting and crafting but will also be including gluten free {GF} recipes I have made or tried, and homeschooling posts as well.

I love pinterest and finding new crafting DIY's, recipes, patterns, ect.... BUT I also love to see how other peoples attempts at projects and recipes come out.  Reviews are a big selling point for me....to see if its easy, any issues people had, modifications I might like, ect. So most recipes on here will be ones that I have tried or modified versions of other peoples GF recipes. I might try and get brave once I have settled into the GF lifestyle a bit and make my own.  For now, I am quite content trying other people's fabulous recipes. ;)

Cold Bean + Tomato + Corn Salad {or salsa!}
Recipe From: Scaling Back
Full Recipe found here.

To make this GF just make sure any ingred. used are GF, for this one its the vinaigrette ingredients that you will need to double check. 

I have to say...this is a really satisfying dish and can be served as a side with more veggies or maybe some fish or chicken or bring it to a party with a bag of your fav. tortilla chips and watch it get devoured. 

The two times I have made this dish I have doubled it so that we can have leftovers. 
I have made it with all black beans and then another time with one can of black beans and one can of dark red kidney beans.....both were equally delish! :) 

I like to add in three types of tomatoes, the small red and yellow ones and also a few romas as well. 

My daughter and I are just getting into the avocado love so I put it on the side to add in at your own preference amount. This is a great dish to prep ahead of time leaving the vinaigrette to add on till right before you eat it, making those nights where you get home kinda late a little easier in the dinner department. 

This will def. become a staple in our house in the easy go to dinner department. With so many ways this can be adapted I am looking forward to lots of satisfying and healthy cold salads to help beat the heat this summer. 

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