Saturday, June 9, 2012

The little things in life :)

Its the little things in life that make my daughter happy. :)

Like these awesome vintage fold up binoculars we picked up at an antique fair for her for her birthday.  She loves watching the birds on the fence out back and when we go for walks, so these little pocket binoculars were perfect for her. 

 She spotted a bird!

I totally thought I had gotten her and the camera in this such luck.  She loves looking at the birds on the fence.  In the morning we open up the windows so we can listen to them while we are doing our school work. :) 

Our backyard garden has been a major work in progress lately.  We wanted to make the area bigger and also needed to fence it off to keep our big beast of a dog out. Can't wait to build the rest of the garden boxes for fall planting! 

I have so many pictures and projects to share since I was sick and not blogging last week.  Hopefully I can get my blogging mojo back so I can get to sharing with everyone again. Today we are off to Little Miss's birthday party with her friends, I finished up all the party favors yesterday.....after a run to the store because the bags I got were too small.  I am kinda glad that happened, I like the packaging a lot better now. :) 
Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!! 

PS Lisa, I got your message, you are such a sweetheart! I will blog about it tonight or early tomorrow, thank you and hugs to you!! : D

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