Thursday, June 14, 2012

Crocheted Owl & A Mini Crocheted Headband Pattern

For my daughter's ninth birthday I thought I would try my hand at another amigurumi pattern because the little bear was such a hit with her. 

The owl pattern can be found here. 

I did make an adjustment to the pattern with the way I did the beak.  
I just worked up two small crocheted triangles with a 3.00 hook and then I sewed them on with the long flat ends right next to each other so that it looked like an open beak.  I thought that would be a fun whimsical touch.  :)

To create the girly headband: 

You will need a 3.00 or 3.25 hook 
Small amount of yarn
Yarn needle 

US Crochet Terms
Chain {ch}
Single Crochet {sc} 
Slip Stitch {sl st}

Ch 20 - 30 depending on how big {from side to side} you want your bow. 

Being careful not to twist your yarn join into a circle with a slip stitch. 

~~ If you wanted a bigger bow or if you were making this for a different sized doll or stuffed animal you could always adjust your hook size accordingly or add more chains.  The number of chains does not matter with this pattern. ~~

Round 1
ch 1 and sc in the ch 1 stitch space 
sc around and join with a slip stitch in the 1st sc of the round. 

Rounds 2 - 4
Repeat round 1 

You could keep going if you wanted it taller, its all on personal preference. :)

When you are happy with the size you will cut your yarn leaving a long tail.  

Secure the yarn from the beginning when you started and weave that yarn piece in.  

Take the yarn you want to use for the headband part and make a long chain that will wrap around your doll/animal's head with enough left over to tie into a bow in the back.  Knot the yarn at both ends and snip your yarn ends short.  I like to put a little fabric glue on the ends of this so that they don't fray or get all fuzzy looking. 

Then pinch your bow in the middle  and take your long yarn tail and wrap it around and around the middle of the bow making sure it is snug so it gives it that pinched in the middle bow look.  

When you are happy with the way the middle looks, take your yarn and wrap it around two more times making sure you wrap it around your headband where you would like it placed as well.  

Using your yarn needle, knot your yarn around the wrapped around yarn in the back and weave it in to secure it in place.  You will be able to slide the bow around to get it into a perfect placement doing it this way.  

Hopefully that made sense, I forgot to take photos of the bow making process when I was working on this for my daughter's birthday.  All those late night crafting sessions when she was in bed to keep things secret don't lend well to remembering things lol 

This week is crazy busy with dance but its also a lot of fun.  Looking forward to watching her studio's end of the year shows! 

She loves her little owl and we named her Anna Bella :)


  1. Gosh, your daughter is always so cute! I love the owl!

    1. Thanks! I love the owl too, def. a labor of love though lol ;)


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