Friday, May 4, 2012

Science Experiment: Plants & Photosynthesis

Hands on science is a favorite in our house.  My daughter loves projects and loves bringing her lessons to life with fun experiments. I saved the unit on plants/eco science until spring because that is when we spend a lot of time in the garden and working with different types of plants.

I try and work brainpop in whenever I can because my daughter adores that site.  It makes learning fun and she is always laughing at Moby and his silly antics. :)  

For this experiment, I had my daughter first watch the video on brainpop jr that went with the activity page I wanted her to do. You can view the video and the activity page here.

I thought this experiments was esp. neat because it allows the child to actually see the oxygen being produced by the leaves during their photosynthesis process.

You don't need much for this experiment, which is great when you want to add something fun to your science lesson but don't have time to run to the store for supplies. 

After an hour in the sun, there were tiny bubbles all over! Victoria thought this was so neat and she loved coming outside an hour later to see all the oxygen the leaves she picked had produced. 
{Yes, that's my sad looking basil in the back, it got super cold here the other night and my basil didn't like that one bit! lol}

A few hours later and the leaves were still working their bubble magic. :)

Finish up the experiment by having your child complete the worksheet that goes along with it and you are done! A quick and easy science project that shows off one of the things leaves do best. :)

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