Saturday, March 31, 2012

DIY: Cape for an American Girl Doll {Kid made and designed!}

Its official, my crazy craftiness has spread like wildfire to my little one....and I couldn't be more thrilled. :)

This week I was working hard on finishing up Victoria's new Easter shirt, I will share that soon, the pattern is adorable and matches one of the AG doll dresses I made for her.  While I was doing that and when she was not crocheting birds she went ahead and made a cape for her American Girl doll all by herself.  That's right, kid designed and made 100% kid made!

I kept asking her what she was doing and her response at first was,
     "Its a surprise!!" Then the little kid in me just had to know what she was doing so I may have asked a few...okay more than a few more times. ;)
Then she told me,
     " A cape for my doll, l'm busy working here!" Her response def made me giggle. :)  I left her alone to work on her design and project taking quick little peaks..... when she was not looking of course!

 Here is Victoria with her finished cape for her doll Kit.  For an all by herself project at 8, she did a really good job and I am so proud of her.

She measured how wide the shoulders were on the doll.  Then she remember to add a little extra for the seams....I couldn't believe she remember that from when we sewed her skirts.  I swear kids are like little sponges and suck in everything around them!

She then folded her sides over about 1/2 an inch and sewed them down so that the cape would have a nice clean finished edge.

Then she sewed a button on the top corner and then cut a button hole on the opposite side so it lined up with the button that she sewed on.

After trimming all of her stray threads from sewing she tried it on her doll and came running to me with sheer joy all over her face to show me that it fit and to show off her awesome finished piece.

She is thinking about sewing some lace or other embellishment along the bottom edge to make it more fancy.

 How it looks from the front view.  Like the hats? In a few days time they will be for sale in my etsy store, stay tuned! :)

Showing off her finished cape. :)

She was so very proud of this piece, and I loved watching her dream up how to do it and then create it, even though she thought I was not peaking. ;)  

Updated photo, now both her dolls have matching capes, too cute! :)

There's something truly special about watching your child create things all on their own, its like a little glimpse into the inner workings of their mind.  I love that she loves and finds joy in crafting toys, things for her room, and other fun objects for herself and others.  I hope its a trait that stays with her as she gets older. :)

Off to finish up one of her Easter presents, my first ever Amigurumi project.  I am working on a mini owl for my daughter because her love for owls keeps growing and growing. Can't wait to share it with you this week! :)

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  1. her dolls cape is adorable, very well done doing it all on her own

  2. Oh it's even sweeter knowing she made it!

    1. She says "Thanks!!" :)
      I have to saying, seeing these three comments this morning totally made her day! :)

  3. Thank you you guys for making my little 8 year old's day! She was all smiles reading your sweet works and wanted to tell each of you thank you :)

  4. Oh wow! Back when I was a little girl, my Kirsten would have loved a cape!

    Here is my craftiness of the week..

    1. Yep,capes are so fun! These have been the center for so many fun pretend play stories this week. :)


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