Saturday, March 24, 2012

Crocheting Birds {Crocheting with Kids Part 2}

If you have not checked out my part 1 post on crocheting with kids you can view it here. :)

After Victoria's success with her first crochet project she was more than eager to start another project.  I asked her what she wanted to learn and she didn't really know so I let her look through my pinterest board for yarn crafts and my favorite patterns on ravelry.  She settled on wanting to learn how to make a little birdie because to her, that would be perfect for spring. :)

The pattern I used to teach her can be found here.  Its a really easy and straight forward pattern, perfect for beginners who have masted the basic stitches.

Since Victoria was still learning I taught her this pattern with a 5.50 hook instead of the recommended 4.25 hook.  I thought a slightly larger hook would be better for her when working in the multiple stitches for forming the head.

This bird pattern was an immediate success for her and over the past two weeks she has been making bird after bird filling up an old coffee container full of them so that she can make bird banners to hang all over our home to celebrate spring.

 Victoria made the blue bird in this photo and the pink/purple one on the end.  I made the one in the middle...she put these three together and said that it was us as a family.  So cute!

 Some of her birds and mine all together.  This was from her first crochet bird lesson....we spent a fun afternoon making birds and chatting about her dance classes and the book she was reading.  Such a fun bonding time with her!

I was feeling romantic so I made a blue and a pink bird for me and my husband. I love how sweet and simple this came out.  I am thinking about doing some editing with it and printing it out to hang up.  Its too adorable not to imo. :)

Sierra's two favorites of the day.  One she did and one I did.  She says that they are her and I.  Her sweetness melts my heart on a daily basis!!

We have so many birds to make into banners that it will probably take the rest of next week....possibly into April if she keeps up her daily bird making. lol  She just adores how cute they come out.  I showed her how to attach them into a banner by doing a simple chain and then doing a single sc at the top part of the bird's head in both loops of the stitch.

She wanted the family of three that she put together all together on one banner.  I hung this on our corner hutch that is a new piece in our house.  I am still in the process of loading in my favorite vintage kitchenware into this fun and beautiful piece we picked up thrifting. 

Because Victoria loves these birds so much I thought it might be super cute to make a bird bracelet or headband for her for Easter this year.  I tend to make her little gifts and get her a book or something like that instead of going the more traditional route of candy and chocolates on Easter.  I am about almost 2/3 of the way done with her Easter shirt that she requested so hopefully I will have some time to whip up a fun bird item for her when she is asleep sometime before Easter.  It feels like this month is flying by! 


  1. These are so sweet! You and your daughter did a wonderful job! I agree with you about making little gifts for Easter instead of giving candy and chocolate - I'm working on Easter things, too.

    1. Thanks! What are you working on for Easter gifts? I love seeing her excited face when she gets something handmade, its a special kinda look that totally melts your heart. :)

  2. Followed you here from FrontierDreams. I look forward to the day when my BabyGirls and I can crochet together. My craftiness led to a mama-made dress for BabySister due in early July. Come see!


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