Monday, February 27, 2012

New Crochet Pattern for Sale: Victoria's American Girl Doll Party Dress

Its no secret that most things that I crochet or make are for my little one, I find so much joy in creating things for her and seeing her reactions to them.  Its such a precious mom moment for me. <3

This time around, I asked Victoria what she wanted her new American Girl Doll dress to look like.  She gave me some ideas, told me some stitch patterns for other things I have made that she really liked and picked out the colors as well.  I took her ideas, drew a couple sketches out and then got on my way to creating a fun party dress for her doll Kit.

I love how this one came out! So cute that if I had the time or energy I would want to make a dress like this for me. ;)  

Victoria's giggles along the way and her whispers of  "That's so pretty Mom!!" as I was working made this pattern experience so much better and more rewarding than any other pattern I have wrote.  She was truly melting my heart. :)

The dress has a simple look to the top and then a fun textured stitch for the bottom skirt part, I love the edging on the dress as well, it looks like petals coming off the bottom of her dress. 

The pattern is for sale in my etsy shop here:


on my Ravelry page here:

Coming soon {for Victoria's birthday} I am making a girls shirt to match this dress. :)


  1. ooooh it is too cute :-)Lucky Sierra !!!!

    1. Merci! Sierra has been over the moon excited about this dress. She says her other American Girl one needs one too so they can match lol ;)


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