Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Turning Kitchen Items into School/Computer Room Storage

Currently our extra bedroom in our home is our functioning computer room, schooling room, & crafting room.  And when I say functioning I'm talking on the edge in between functioning and chaos lol ;)

This past weekend we started working on a whole house detox......trying to get rid of things that we don't need or use.  The rule was, if we have not used it in a year then it was getting donated and getting out of the house.  It felt so good to be getting rid of things and getting more organized.  I realized I had way too much stuff in the spare room.....when we started to unload the walk in was never ending craft and schooling stuff.  My husband just laughs and shakes his head because he knows how I get with my crafting stuff.  :)

I knew I was in desperate need of storage and I knew I didn't want traditional storage....I wanted something fun and vintage, stuff that would make me smile when I came into the room. :)
 My husband found this awesome vintage wood breadbox thrifting last week.  It was in fabulous condition and I loved the construction of it.  {To the left of the printer you are getting a sneak peak at part of my desk area, can can you tell I am a HP addict? :P }
 This breadbox had a shelf inside it and it was perfect for storing paper.  I had been using those metal things with the open shelves but the paper would get dusty or the cats would get it it.  This was perfect! White paper up top for our printer and lined paper on the bottom for schooling.  There was even enough room to put our stapler in so that it was one less thing cluttering my desk area.
 I love the construction along the top, its got character and has a unique look that I don't see in many pieces today.
 This piece I made awhile back and its been great for storing pens, pencils, scissors, dry erase markers and more.  When Victoria was little we put markers in one, crayons in another, and colored pencils in the last one.  This way all her favorite coloring mediums where out and easy for her to access. Now that she is older I use it for schooling stuff for my desk.  Pens in one, dry erase markers in the middle, correcting pens and pencils, scissors, and a hole punch in the last.  I love this piece!  Its made out of kitchen items that I found thrifting.  The bottom part was one of those snack holders for parties, each section done up to look like a sunflower.  I then added two plain coffee cups to the ends and a sugar bowl to the middle.  I looked for brown but never could find a shade I liked so I just went with basic white and I'm like the clean look of it.
We also use mason jars for storage in our school/craft/computer room, or jars from sauces.  Some of them left clean and plain, the others decorated with paper and mod podge.  I love taking something that would usually get throw out in the trash and putting it to use as something else.  Its a good feeling. :)


  1. great job ! I think I will have to do it soon, too many unuseful things in my house, but I never want to get rid of it :-)

    1. I have the same issue, have lots of things I love but I don't always use them in the way they were I look to find other ways to use them that will work for us so I can still keep pieces that I adore. :)

  2. I like that idea, I really enjoy finding a new purpose for things we have instead of just throwing them out, and you are always looking for more storage areas for papers, especially in my line of work ;-)

    1. Thanks! With our schooling at home I always have lots of papers that I need to keep tidy, clean, and cat free, the bread box was the perfect solution. :)


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