Monday, January 16, 2012

Mason Jar Pincushion Tutorial

It's no secret that I love all things vintage and vintage inspired.  With that being said I have a 
 okay maybe huge addiction to mason jars {among other things}. ;)  I just find them so neat...especially the ones from back in the day.  I love going to the thrift store and finding the older ones, they are just so much cooler looking than the ones they make now.  I use them all over the house..pantry items, bathroom, for buttons, holding pencils ...the list goes on and on! So its no surprise that I have found another way to use them, in the form of a pincushion. :)
This project is really simple and easy to do.  It would make a really cute and easy gift for birthdays, holidays, Mother's Day ect.  You could fill it will sewing goodies...lace and ribbon for inspiration or even some chocolate for a stash next to your sewing station. ;)

For this project you will need:

Mason jar of your choosing
glue gun
decorating goodies

Trace the lid of your mason jar on a piece of felt and then cut it out and set it aside.
Cut out a piece of fabric a couple inches wider than your lid on both sides.
Place your ring down on the table with the top part facing down.
Lay your fabric right side down on top of your ring.  Make sure it is evenly placed in the middle.  I know this is a different fabric than the first couple of photos ....sorry about that.  I just went through to double check that how I was doing this would work and didn't stop to take photos of it when I did it with the pink flowers.  I think this fabric is so pretty ...I love the vintage looking print.  I would love to make a dress or skirt out of of.  Place your stuffing on top and then the inner piece to the lid.  Carefully lift the whole thing up off the table pushing the stuffing through the hole with the ring until the lid is in place where it would be if you where using it on the jar.  I had to do some adjustments a bit to make sure all the stuffing got through and then I did a little shifting around by carefully tugging on the fabric to smooth it out so there were no bunched parts.  You will want to keep the lid pushed firmly up against the ring when making any adjustments so that the lid does not pop out on you.
This is what the inside will look like after it is all pushed through.  I trimmed my fabric up a little...just a tad so there was not too much and then hot glued it all down to the lid.  Then you will pop it out and hot glue your felt circle on top of the fabric that you just hot glued down.  You could sew something cute on your felt before this or if you have kids you could have them right you a cute message like I did.  Put hot glue all around the inside rim of the ring...just little dots here and there but not too much because you don't want it to get onto the fabric when you push the pincushion back in.  Push the pincushion back in and press it firmly to the ring so that it becomes solidly glued in place.
Little Miss wrote me a cute love note on the inside of mine.  Now every time I use it I will think of her and smile. :)  If you were making these for a grandma or grandpa or another family member you could or have your kids write a personal note on there as well.  That would be a really sweet way to personalize this gift even further.  And what grandparents don't love cute little love notes from wee ones? :)

My favorite shot of the pincushion.  I just love how sweet, simple, and functional this is.  You could totally whip one of  these up in no time and the cost is minimal.  I just used things I had on hand with the fabric, ribbons, and button.  If you go thrift shopping you can usually find mason jars for pretty cheap these days as well.   Another added bonus ....kitty monster can't get my pins and needles in here! ;)

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