Monday, January 16, 2012

15 Days of Thankful Project

While we try and teach our daughter to think of things she is thankful for and happy about in her life often, November always is a reflection period for us as well.  I love to save the things that she writes that she is thankful for each year....even though she is only 8 right now things that she wrote about two years ago have changed slightly and they just keep getting cuter by the year. :)
I love the Thankful For trees that I see all over blogs these days and would love to make one.  But the kitty monster in our house has other plans. :O  lol
I wanted something that would be small and easy to store from year to year...also something that could be personalized as well.  So taking from that and some inspiration from my husband's grandmother's tradition this idea was created. :)
I gave my daughter a regular sized envelope and had her decorate it with a family photo drawing.  She also added in one of her favorite stamps of mine and some cute hearts. :)  I love the fact that she always gives herself heels cute!
Each day we will each put in one card with one thing we are thankful for written on it.  We are officially starting this on the 9th but I thought I would share this cute and easy idea before the 15 days started.
I love this idea because it is not only is a drawing keepsake for my daughter but an cute and easy way to store our thankful cards each year.  Since I keep school samples each year in a file folder I just slip this envelope into that year.  I'm looking forward to the time when Sierra is older and I have 10 years of these envelopes with her drawings and our thankful thoughts each year to look back on.  It is going to be so sweet. :)
I love traditions that are fun, easy, and simple to do.  :)

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